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Discovery Set - 2ml samples of our 3 signature scents

Discovery Set - 2ml samples of our 3 signature scents

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The journey begins with a question – what scent defines your dog's signature style?

Our discovery set is the perfect introduction to using a dog perfume and uncover your pooch's signature scent. 

Enclosed within this exquisite set are 2ml vials of our premium, handcrafted scents—adventurous, glorious, and harmonious. Each fragrance is a meticulously curated with selected notes, designed to elevate your dog's olfactory experience to new heights.

Ideal for gifting, our Discovery Set is more than just a present; it's an invitation to explore the world of dog perfumery. A perfect stocking filler, this set is also a convenient purse pack for those moments when your canine companion needs a touch of elegance on the go.

Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary with our Discovery Set, and let your dog revel in the delightful essence of sophistication and style. 



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