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Can I spray perfume on my dog? Make the 'scents-ible' choice: 5 perks of alcohol-free dog perfumes

Steer clear of using human perfume on your furry friends – it's a no-go! Those human scents might not sit well with your pup's delicate nose. Dogs have a finely-tuned sense of smell, and strong human fragrances can do them a bamboozle. Plus, the chemicals in those fancy perfumes can be downright unfriendly to your dog's skin and overall well-being.

Instead, opt for a kinder approach to keeping your doggo smelling daisy-fresh. Choose a dog-specific perfume that's made just for them, with gentle ingredients that won't stir up any irritation. At houseofdog, we’ve kept our ingredients to a minimum to reduce any potential irritation. Importantly, our dog perfumes do not contain any alcohol. Read on for our reasons why. 

1. an eau-mazing treat!

Get ready for scent satisfaction that'll surprise you! Water-based perfumes aren't just a drop in the bucket – they pack a fragrant punch that sticks around all day and night. We've wrestled with water's finicky nature to bring you scents that mist like pure luxury.

2. gentle on skin.

Unlike alcohol's party crasher tendencies, water is the laid-back buddy your pooch's  skin deserves. Our formula skips the harsh stuff, giving your skin a vacation from denatured alcohol, SD alcohol, and the whole alcohol gang. No dry spells, just silky goodness.

3. all charm, no drama. 

Our water-based dog perfumes keep things chill with a clean, refreshing scent that won't overpower your pooch. Say goodbye to waiting for alcohol to disappear – our perfumes are ready to charm without the drama. What you sniff is what you'll love, no surprises involved!

4. perfumed party everywhere?

Water-based perfumes are your all-access pass. From skin to hair, clothes to fabrics, these versatile vials are game for anything. Spritz on your pup's bedding, attire or their mat in the car for a scent that won't call it quits.  Dog fragrances are a great way to remove dog smell from your house. 

5. safety first, folks!

Ditch the flammable frenzy that comes with alcohol-based potions. Water-based perfumes are the savvy traveler's choice – no fiery risks in your suitcase or at home. Keep it cool and kid-friendly without a second thought. Happy travels and scent-adventures await. 

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