About Us


houseofdog - safe and gentle fragrance house for dogs

I understand the challenges of keeping our furry friends smelling fresh and clean. Left to his own devices, my rambunctious Ralph's signature scent would be "Swamp" – always finding himself in the creek, bush, or sand. That's why I knew there was a desperate need for a premium dog fragrance that could combat his adventurous lifestyle.

Being a scientist with 20 years of corporate experience, it's a true melding of mind and spirit.

At houseofdog, we're all about chasing, creating and celebrating the canine human connection. We truly believe that our dog perfumes capture the essence of the special bond between dogs, humans and their environment by using earthy and natural notes.

We take great pride in our innovative designs and use of high-quality materials that ensure our dog perfumes are not only functional, but also beautiful. We really hope that you will find a scent that you connect with and fall in love with!

We would be honored if you would join us on this exciting journey as we continue to innovate, create, and inspire the world of premium dog colognes.