How to speak dog. Unleashing the Canine Vernacular: A Guide to Speaking Doglish

How to speak dog. Unleashing the Canine Vernacular: A Guide to Speaking Doglish

Explore the captivating realm of "Doglish," a charming lexicon filled with adorable vernacular and trendy slang tailored to deepen the bond with our cherished canine companions. Within this comprehensive guide, we've curated a list of top Doglish words, unraveling the nuances of expressions like "mahm" and the whimsical notion of a "spare human”. If you're a pet pawrent navigating the social media-savvy canine community, these are the buzzwords that should be on your radar.

Bamboozle: to trick or be tricked by a doggo “you’re doing me a bamboozle”

Blep: Unwittingly displaying a slight protrusion of its tongue.

Bork: The all-encompassing term for canine vocalizations.

Borkfest: An enthusiastic chorus of barks, often during playtime.

Belly Rubs: The epitome of canine happiness and contentment.

Boop: A gentle touch of the nose, often used to express affection.

boop the snoot

Boi: alternative spelling of boy, usually in the context of a good boi.

Chimken: slang for chicken. A crowd fav. 

Chonky: chubby in an endearing way. No fat shaming here. 

Derp: silly, goofy moment when your furry friend does something adorable and unintentionally clumsy.

Gib: give. Everything. Pats, treatos, gib them your all. 


Gurl: alternative spelling of girl, usually preceded with 'goodest'


Fetchinista: A dog with a keen sense of style when retrieving toys.

Floof: Luxurious, fluffy fur, often found on breeds like Samoyeds.

Fren: An affectionate play on the word 'friend,' usually about another doggo or animal.

Happ: happy. Nuff said.  

Henlo: a cheerful way of saying hello. Henlo fren! 

Heckin’: used for emphasis. I heckin’ love my hooman. A doggo’s choice  expletive.

Hooman: Playful misspelling of "human," reflecting a dog's perspective.

Loaf: When a dog is lying with all its legs tucked in and resembles a dog loaf of bread. Some breeds are much more prone to looking like baked goods.

dog that looks like a loaf of bread

Mahm: the female pup parent that gives their doggo their best life.

Mlem: Delicate extension of a doggo’s tongue, often for a brief and adorable moment.

Nom Nom: The sound of a dog enthusiastically enjoying their food.


Pawfume: Perfume for your pooch

Pawsitively: Optimistic and positive, a dog's outlook on life.

Pawsome: A dog's version of "awesome," celebrating the best things in life.

Pawdicure: The canine equivalent of a manicure, focusing on paw care.

Pawty: A celebration or gathering of dogs and their human friends.

Pupper: Affectionate slang for a cute and mischievous puppy.

Rufferee: A dog who takes charge of playtime and ensures fair play.

Smol: small and cute

Snacc: alternative spelling of snack. Perhaps fewer calories when spelt this way.

Sniffari: A leisurely walk where the primary goal is exploring scents.

Snoot: A playful term for a dog's nose.

Snoot Boop or Boop the Snoot: Combining both the snoot and boop for maximum cuteness.

Snoozle: Snuggling closely with a beloved human or fellow furry friend.

Spare Human/hooman: Someone who steps in to provide attention when the primary human is occupied.

Spa Day: Bath time for dogs, sometimes accompanied by pampering.

Sploot: The adorable stretch where a dog lays with their hind legs extended.

cute dog sploot

Squirrel!: The universal distraction trigger for dogs.

Tail Wags: The universal language of a happy and excited dog.

Tippy taps: a doggo dance when brimming with eager anticipation or sheer joy, often associated with seeing their beloved hooman

Toe beans: The cute and tactile paw pads on a dog's feet, resembling miniature beans and adding a touch of charm to their paws.

cute dog toe beans


Teefs: a doggo’s pearly whites.

Wiggle Butt: The adorable wiggle a dog's rear does when they're excited.

Woofer: Affectionate term for larger dog breeds.

Zoomies: Frenzied bursts of energy resulting in wild sprints and spins.

Have we missed a key term. Let us know with a comment! 

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