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How do I get my dog to stop smelling? Ralph's top tips for your scent-sational bonding moments

Ralph here, the chief scent connoisseur at houseofdog. I'm excited to share my top tips for smelling great and also strengthen the bond with your beloved human. Get ready for a fragrant journey guided by the beautiful connection we share. Let's dive right in!

Step 1: Find the Perfect Sun Puddle 🌞

First things first, my furry friends, find a cozy sun puddle where you and your human can relax together. Basking in the warm sunlight not only helps me dry off after a playful romp but also sets the stage for an incredible bonding experience. If its not outside, it can be anywhere you and your hooman like to relax, in your bed, on the sofa. Take your pick. 

Step 2: Let Your Human Brush You to Perfection 🐾

Now it's time for some quality bonding with your human. As you settle into your chill spot of choice, let your human gently brush your fur, removing any tangles or debris. My mum uses an undercoat rake and then marvels at the amount of hair that comes out.  A quick brush through those fabulous fur strands will ensure that the dog perfume adheres evenly and lasts longer. Enjoy the loving strokes and cherish this special moment.

Step 3: Spritz on the Scent-sational Magic 💦

Once you're looking and feeling your best, it's time to add a touch of enchanting dog cologne to your fabulous self. Invite your human to grab your favourite dog scent from the houseofdog range. Then, as they hold the bottle about 6-8 inches away, let them spray your fur with the captivating scent. Make sure they avoid your puppy dog eyes and cute ears. If you don’t love the sight of the bottle, your owner can spray directly onto their hands and proceed to Step 4.

Step 4: Enjoy the Pampering Massage Together 🐾💖

As your human spritzes the dog perfume, they can also gently massage it into your fur with loving strokes. Feel their hands working the fragrance into every strand, making you feel even more cherished and adored. This sensory experience strengthens the bond between you and your human, creating memories that will last fur-ever. I can get particularly smelly around my ears, so my hooman sprays some into her hands and massges it in to get the scent around my cute crimped ears. 

Step 5: Smell amazing from head to toe-bean🌸✨

As the enchanting scent surrounds you, take a moment to bask in the aroma-liciousness. Together with your human, stride confidently and embrace the joy that comes from sharing a special scent experience. 

Step 6: Repeat for Endless Bonding Bliss 🔄

Depending on your adventures and special moments, you and your human may choose to repeat this scent ritual. Whether it's before a leisurely walk, a cuddle session, or simply to make ordinary moments extraordinary, this ritual enhances the bond you share. It's a reminder of the love and devotion that exists between you, my wonderful friends. My mum and I do this every day as I am a stinky swamp dog. She will even give me a little zhuzh with dog perfume before I jump on her bed for bedtime stories with my human brothers. 

She also likes to use on my bedding, on my mat in the car (and yes, she wears it herself so we can smell like twins). We look forward to hearing ways you have incorporated houseofdog perfumes into your daily rituals. 

If you ever  have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team at We're here to ensure that you and your beloved human have the most enchanting scent experiences ever.

Wishing you endless sniffs of happiness and heartwarming bonding moments,

Ralph xx 

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