Our Furlosophy

Dog Wearing Glasses | Our Furlosophy at houseofdog

At houseofdog, we’re all about chasing, creating and celebrating the canine-human connection.

We have three non-negotiables that we live by. Here’s what you can expect from us. Please rub our nose in it if any of your interactions with houseofdog do not live up to our furlosophy.

Love Your Dogs

image: chewy

1. must love dogs.

Well thanks captain obvious. But we don’t mean “Oh that’s a cute puppy!’ we mean unashamedly obsessed. Like spend hours watching cute dog videos on the gram, have novelty pet clothing, talk to random doggos in the street, check out dogs as you drive past. Have the most annoying dog mum voice ever. It’s all welcome here. We understand the incredible and invaluable joy and love that your ride or die brings. And our role is to help you celebrate and elevate that connection.

Clean it Up Banner

image: matt seymour

2. own our sh!t.

As dog owners, we are well versed in picking up poop. At HoD, we want to be known for cleaning
up our own sh!t. If we make a mistake, we own it. Integrity is important to us so we will do what we say we’re going to do. And we are proactive and responsive, meeting the needs our incredible HoDdies.

Happy Lady With Dog | houseofdog

image: olivia hutcherson

3. have a laugh.

It’s cliché but life is too short to take yourself too seriously. We want to spread good vibes and nice smells.

I’ve spent much of my working life working with live-changing people and medicines. We’re very aware that at houseofdog we make lovely smelling dog perfumes and we’re not saving lives. But we do want to make you smile, bring joy and enhance your connections. And have a ball
whilst doing it.

Thank you for being a HoDdie. We hope that our core values resonate with you and you see them
reflected in our words and actions.

Write to us at hello@lovehouseofdog.com
and tell us what you think.