The perfect gift guide for dog lovers - Top 5 presents for under $75

The perfect gift guide for dog lovers - Top 5 presents for under $75

Looking for the perfect gift for your dog? You've come to the right place! We've scoured the land Down Under to bring you our list of the top 5 Australian-made gifts for dogs that seamlessly blend functional practicality with stunning aesthetics. This holiday season, give a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving. 

1. Multi-functional water bottle by Tokio AUD $45

tokio water bottle

A gift that's as stylish as it is practical,  this chic, 3-in-1 stainless steel water bottle serves you and your pooch. Featuring a portable water bowl and treat storage, it’s perfect for walks, hikes, and park visits. It has a 1L capacity, is dishwasher-safe and stylish to boot. Your purchase also gives back to the community, with a percentage of profits donated to local shelters.   

2. Dog lead with built-in poop bag holder by Ziippup AUD $49

groodle with yellow ziippup lead with built in poop bag

Say goodbye to those pesky dangling bags and attachments. This clever product integrates a poop bag pouch right into the lead itself, offering a snug spot for poop bags, treats, and your keys. Dog adventures have never been this effortless!

By buying these leads, you're also doing your part for the planet. The leads are crafted from recycled plastic bottles and come in a spectrum of lively colours, ensuring your walks are as stylish as they are eco-friendly. 


3. Personalised Dog collar by Stray-Ed AUD $69


slinky dachshund dog wearing personalised dog collar by Stray-ed

Let your pup strut their stuff with Stray-ed’s personalised dog collar. Personalisable with 5-7 letters and boasting an adjustable slider, it will be the pawfect fit for your pup. Incredibly lightweight, a breeze to clean, and oh-so-soft, all thanks to the use of premium vegan microfiber leather that doesn't skimp on durability. A little luxe without the guilt.  

4. Dog robe by STYLISH HOUND from AUD $54.99

golden retrievers in stylish hound bath robes

Reduce the chaos of a wet dog with Stylish Hounds’s drying coats. These super-absorbent microfibre wonders are tailored to your dog's shape, drying them in minutes. Available in various sizes, they're suitable for dogs of all sizes.

What makes these towel robes so fantastic? Not only do they save your car from the wet dog smell, but they're also low-maintenance. Toss them in the washing machine, and they're good as new. You'll appreciate having one after bath time, sparing your floors from post-bath mess.

Choose from classic designs like Evergreen or Jackson, or try something new like the leafy green Verano. From wet dog to stylish hound! Pair the robe with a matching swim jacket, and your dog will be the coolest pup at the beach. From wet dog to stylish hound!

5. perfume for your pooch by houseofdog AUD $49.95


houseofdog dog perfume collection

We love stinky dogs! Said no one ever. Is your dog's natural aroma a bit too....natural? Are you embarrased about your house smelling like dog? Does your dog "share" your bed? (no judgment here!)

Say goodbye to that doggy odour and welcome houseofdog's divine scents.  Lovingly hand-filled and carefully crafted using the finest combination of fragrances made by nature and science to create captivating, safe scents that last. 

Take your pick from floral, fresh or woody from their boutique range of vegan scents, guaranteeing there’s a scent to delight both you and your pup. Your pup can smell good and feel good knowing houseofdog’s range is free from animal cruelty, alcohol and other nasties such as parabens and SLS. 


At houseofdog, we take pride in providing our readers with honest and unbiased product reviews. It's essential for us to clarify that we do not receive any commissions or financial incentives for the products we review. Our reviews are entirely based on our team's expertise, research, and personal experiences with the products in question. We understand the importance of trust in the information we provide to our readers, and our commitment to transparency is at the core of our content. Our primary goal is to offer valuable insights and recommendations that help you make informed decisions for your beloved pets. Thank you for your trust in houseofdog.

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